We are extremely proud of the attention, commitment and dedication we give to each of our patients.
Focus on Transition of Care
Examination of
Stays at hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities are common in modern health care. Once an individual is released from any of these facilities, a transition of care has occurred. At NV Health we recognize that focusing on the events prior to release is an important part of the care of any individual.
Geriatric Health
Ensuring Quality of Life

Ensuring the continued health of an aging population is the focus of NV Health’s approach to our geriatric patients. Quality of life issues, medication-induced disease syndromes, and many other special needs issues are assessed for our elderly clients.

Personal Touch
Personalized and customized solutions
We are unique in that it was created by developing a new approach to addressing the medical needs of the people of our community. The focus on personalized, customized health solutions for our clients is our goal.
Cardiometabolic Diseases
Job position
Diseases that affect the Heart and Circulation, as well as disorders of metabolism are common in Americans today. Our lifestyles and generally poor eating habits, along with genetics can influence the development of illnesses.

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Dr. Umar I. Chouhdry of NV Health

Dr. Umar I. Chouhdry
Dr. Chouhdry’s aim in creating NV HEALTH is to provide a comprehensive, focused single-provider solution to the health challenges that people face, and guide them to positive health outcomes.

ReneeRenee Hook, FNP
In 2010, Rene received her Master’s Degree in Nursing, as a Family Nurse Practitioner from the Decker School of Nursing, State University of New York at Binghamton. Renee also holds a Secondary Certification in Nursing Forensics.

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What can I do to stay healthy?

Diet exercise and mental well being and the promotion of a stress relief life.Read full answer

Could you suggest a good diet?

Yes,vists are available to focus on weight reduction and recommendations for optimal nutrition
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Q: I do not have health insurance. Can I make an appointment?

A: Yes,call us for information on our “NV HELP”program   845-292-6151. Read full answer

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